GoSee AWARDS 2017 Welcome to the GoSee Awards. Professional photographers and other creatives
(stylists, AD, illustrators, magazines, agencies, …) entered their work for free.
The work in 8 categories was evaluated by leading global art producers and industry professionals from the areas of editing, creation, publishing …
10 finalists in each category received Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards plus merits.
In the SCREENINGS Award, our category #8, the jury judged the entire portfolio (photographers only).

A participaton in 2017 is possible by now!

You can upload and publish your artwork as PORTFOLIOS and BLOGS.


on GOSEE.US and take part.
FASHION Remember: fashion favours the bold
STILLS Abstracts, Flowers …
NUDE get closer and drown us in intimacy, sex & lust
ILLUSTRATION blow our minds and fill our hearts with imagination
REPORTAGE Take us on a visual trip we will never forget
ART PROJECTS Art, Design, Installation …
what will tomorrow bring? please show us today
PORTRAIT … is a matter of lighting and pixels
Your Online Portfolio will be judged
Picture, picture on the wall… we crown the craziest of them all